About Sensitronics

Sensitronics is a leading provider of electronic force sensor technology. Founded in 2001 by Franklin Eventoff, inventor of the force-sensing resistor, Sensitronics aims to make the devices in our lives more interactive and expressive with innovative membrane sensor solutions that are cost-effective and easy to integrate. We’ve delivered hundreds of custom sensor designs to clients representing a wide range of industries, from medical and automotive to music and wearables.

With our on-site laboratory and global network of experienced manufacturing partners, Sensitronics is ready to assist with any or all phases of sensor design and manufacture. We also stock an assortment of tools, such as our unique XactFSR materials, that empower customers to implement and quickly iterate on their own sensor designs. Finally, where additional engineering is needed, our comprehensive prototyping service provides turn-key sensor systems tailored to customer specifications.

Under the leadership of Mr. Eventoff, a 40-year veteran of the membrane sensor industry, our team maintains a proud tradition of advancing the state of the art, continuously evaluating new materials and developing new processes to ensure that our clients’ applications realize the fullest potential of force-sensing technology.

Meet the Team!

Franklin Eventoff | President, CEO, Director of Technology and New Product Design

Franklin Eventoff began developing a series of musical instrument controllers in 1972. Five years later, with the goal of making electronic musical instruments more expressive, he invented the force-sensing resistor (FSR; trademark of Interlink).  By 1978, his first musical product, The Magical Musical Thing, had been licensed to Mattel Toys. Three million were sold. The following year, the XYZ digitizer pad was invented. Many other force-sensing inventions would follow.

Some of Franklin's early instruments can still be found of the Internet!

Some Sonica Info (matrixsynth.blogspot.com)

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Franklin founded Interlink Electronics in 1985 to further the development of the force-sensing resistor.  While President and CEO of Interlink, he initiated the use of FSRs in Roland keyboards, Akai drum machines, KAT and Simons drums, Oberheim keyboards, and many other products across multiple industries. Interlink amassed a broad customer base and a deep patent portfolio, and in 1986 received the California Governor's Award for the small company with the most innovative product. In 1987, Franklin received the prestigious international IR 100 award for the development of the FSR.

In 2001, seeking to recapture the spirit of innovation that led to the first force-sensing resistor, Franklin founded Sensitronics. Sensitronics continues to lead the industry in the development of new force-sensing technologies.

Aaron Holmes | Application Engineer

Aaron joined Sensitronics in mid-2015 following more than 16 years as a software engineer and engineering team lead in Microsoft’s Windows organization, where he specialized in software distribution and data compression technologies. A lifelong technophile and technical hobbyist, Aaron found Sensitronics to be an ideal melting pot for his software and electronics interests, and he looks forward to sharing this enthusiasm with our customers through his work as an application engineer. Eager to wear as many hats as will fit on his head, Aaron can also be found designing and implementing test fixtures, maintaining the Sensitronics website, and supporting the prototyping efforts of our other engineers.

Chris Wittmier | Electronics Engineer

Since 2010, Chris has worked at Sensitronics primarily in the area of firmware & PCB design for client prototypes and sensor test fixtures. With a mixed professional background in wireless sensor systems and web/database development, he is comfortable juggling a range of additional tasks at Sensitronics, which include software development, website design, and technical writing. Chris spends his spare time in the great outdoors as well as the great indoors, and enjoys solving various math / computational puzzles when time allows. He does not enjoy crossword puzzles as much; they are too hard. Chris graduated from Western Washington University with a BS in Electronic Engineering Technology.

Environmental Commitment

Sensitronics strives toward environmentally friendly and sustainable processes. We have developed a water based FSR ink and the ability to print on recyclable & biodegradable paper for printed electronics.