Sensitronics is the leader of The Force-Sensing Resistor (FSR) technology. Force Sensing Resistors can be used for such applications as computer input devices, musical instruments, medical instruments, robotics, automotive, interactive toys, sports and more.

Typical FSR Applications Include...

Consumer Products / Computer Devices
  • Up/Down Force/Speed cursor control
  • Interactive musical instrument controllers
  • Interactive Stylus Signature Recognition controller
  • Multiple Input Matrix Array
Musical Instruments
  • Electronic Drum triggers
  • Keyboard Aftertouch, Foot Pedal controllers
  • Programmable Mixer Arrays
  • Interactive Dance floor
  • Infusion pumps
  • podiatry foot gait analysis
  • Tool speed control
  • Patient turning alarm sensor
  • Robotic Finger Tips
  • Assembly Parts Detection
  • Dynamic Limit Sensor
  • Motor Speed Control
  • Floor Security Panels
  • Seat Occupancy Detection
  • Steering Wheel Control Console
  • Mirror Adjustor
  • Electronic Throttle & Brake
  • Interactive Dolls
  • RC Controllers
  • Joysticks & Musical toy instruments
  • Target Force & Accuracy detection
  • Grip monitor
  • trolling motor speed control