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Raymond Dsouza, Bioengineering Research Engineer @ iRAP Laboratory, University of Louisville, Writes:

When designing and developing our force sensors we were fortunate enough to find Sensitronics. From our initial contact with them, they were extremely helpful. They took the time to understand our needs, describing their products and technology capabilities that would accommodate our specific challenges.

Everyone we dealt with at Sensitronics was very knowledgeable and helpful, including Frank, Colin and Ken to name a few. They worked closely with us providing multiple samples and design iterations to allow us to advance our sensor design by ultimately providing a custom semi-conductive material that we used in our force sensors.

Sensitronics has vast knowledge of sensors and sensor design and are willing to assist end users in meeting their needs, while being quite reasonable in their pricing. We would highly recommend Sensitronics, and believe they played a critical role in enabling us to meet our sensing goals.

Joe P. Writes:

I've got a pad assembled and running, and EVERYTHING worked straight out of assembly. Every single one of our specifications/requirements for this device is *exceeded* by a substantial margin with your solution. Needless to say, we will be moving forward with this design.

Please pass my praises along to any higher-ups in your company. You and your team have gone far above and beyond what any of your competitors were willing to do to engineer a solution for me. Maybe it's SOP for you, but your willingness to go above and beyond has really set you apart! Prior to working with you and your team, I had spent weeks/months doing on/off research trying to find a viable solution that functioned as required that was also cost effective for production and customization.

You've not only provided an *ideal* solution, but we have a fully-functional, nearly pre-production quality prototype in less than two weeks from concept. You've saved us thousands of dollars and months of development lead-time, and as a result you most definitely have a new customer. I'm excited to finalize this design and work with you as we move forward!