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Sensor Characteristics

Property Value Notes
Size Range 22" x 34" Maximum Size Any shape - compound curves
Force Sensitivity Range 0 oz. to 100 lbs. Mechanical interface dependent
Pressure Sensitivity Range 0 psi to 1000 psi Mechanical Interface dependent
Part-to-Part Force Repeatability approx. +/- 20% of average resistance With consistent actuation
Maximum Current .5 mA  
Single Part Force Repeatability +/- 5% of established nominal resistance With consistent actuation
Force Resolution 1% full scale  
Stand-Off Resistance 100K Ohms to 1M Ohms No load - formula dependent
Switch Travel zero to thickness of spacer  
Device rise time ~20usec / 50kHz  
Lifecycle 1 million plus actuations  
Temperature Range -15°F to + 200° F Substrate specification limitations
Device Thickness   Substrate and spacer dependent