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How Does it Work?

If you're just getting started with Matrix Arrays, we've provided some example schematics and Arduino code in our Matrix Array Tutorial.

Technical Documents

Resistance vs. Force Curves, ThruMode and ShuntMode Matrices

Resistance vs. Force Curves, ThruMode Matrix Only

ThruMode Sample Construction / Dimensions

Sensor Characteristics

Property Value Notes
Size Range 2"x3" Active Area See line diagram for overall dimensions.
Force Sensitivity Range .25 lbs to 12.5 lbs. With force spread on a .5 in� area.
Pressure Sensitivity Range .5 psi to 25 psi Mechanical Interface dependent
Part-to-Part Force Repeatability approx. +/- 15% of average resistance With consistent actuation
Maximum Current .5 mA  
Single Part Force Repeatability +/- 5% of established nominal resistance With consistent actuation
Force Resolution 1% full scale  
Stand-Off Resistance 10M ohm or greater  
Switch Travel .005"  
Device rise time 15 kHz or faster  
Lifecycle 1 million plus actuations  
Temperature Range -15°F to + 200° F  
Device Thickness .017"